The Pioneers of Bangladesh GANGSTA RAP and BANGLISH

History of dmc

The DESHI MCS was the first local Bangladesh Hip Hop crew created in 2005 by Xplosive (X Flowrical) and MC ShaQ. Later joined by the GREAT lyricists Skibkhan and MC Mugz.

The crew quickly became a force of absolute dominance in the Bangladesh underground and mainstream Hip Hop scene with not 1, not 2 but multiple hit songs which include but NOT limited to, New Age, Ajob Pachal, Engladeshi, Boma Hamla, Party Time, Dhakaya Gangsta, Baap re Baap, Banglai Hip Hop Gaye and many others.

DMC once stated, “We do not want to be a 1 hit, 1 song wonder, we want to be consistently challenged so we are always remembered”

The crew released the FIRST LOCALLY produced Hip Hop album from Nam Nai Records in 2006. That album we titled “BANNED 1.0”. Later, the crew went to release “BANNED 2.0”.

DESHI MCS is the Pioneers of Bangladesh Gangsta Rap, introducing the term “Banglish” by mixing up Bangla and English in their music.


The crew was initially known as Enlightenment (E.N.L) and later took on the name DESHI MCs to ensure their name had a connection to their homeland Bangladesh. ENL quickly established a name through underground shows and online audio battles against overseas artists.